baby sweet pea: 38 weeks

38 week pregnant bump

As I’m nearing the end of pregnancy, I don’t feel like Sweet Pea is ready to make his exit anytime soon. Partly because it’s still surreal to think that I could go into labor and have a baby any day now, but also because there haven’t been too many signs that labor is on its way either.

At my 38-week appointment on Tuesday, I received some very disappointing news that Sweet Pea is once again in the breech position.  After another ultrasound to verify the position, it was discovered that I have higher than normal levels of amniotic fluid for 38 weeks.  Because of the higher amount, Sweet Pea is still able to move much more easily than a 38-weeker typically could at this time.

The diagnosis left us with two options.

The doctor suggested that we can either schedule a C-section for this coming Tuesday, when I’ll be 39 weeks, or go to the hospital for an external cephalic version with the hopes that it will turn the baby head down again.

Scheduling a C-section isn’t an option for us, but we did want to hear more about what a version at the hospital entails.

An external cephalic version has a good success rate for turning babies head down, but it must be performed at a hospital because there is a chance that the baby can go into fetal distress during the procedure and require an immediate C-section.  There is also a chance that the baby will go back to breech after being manipulated into the head-down position.

If I were to do it, I’d be given two drugs – terbutaline to relax the uterus and nubain to act as a pain reliever. A doctor would then externally manipulate the baby into a head-down position while constantly monitoring the heartbeat via ultrasound to ensure the baby is handling it well.

Because I have such a high level of amniotic fluid, there is a good chance this will be successful. However, because I haven’t taken any medicine through the entire pregnancy, I can easily imagine Sweet Pea not reacting kindly to two very strong drugs while being manhandled from the outside. It’s easy to see why a baby could go into fetal distress during a procedure like this!

After hearing our options, Kevin and I met with Jen, our Bradley teacher, later that night to discuss what we should do. As I’ve successfully flipped the baby head down before, we decided to delay doing the version this week and attempt to naturally turn the baby ourselves.

I booked an appointment with a chiropractor who is known as the best at flipping babies in Charlotte, and also had another moxibustion treatment as well. I’m not really sure what helped the baby move head down last time, so I’m just doing all the same tricks over again.

Our 39-week appointment is scheduled for Monday, and if the baby is still breech at that point, we will likely schedule a version for the following day, or whenever they can fit us in.

I was pretty upset after hearing the news, but I’m feeling more at peace with it now that I’m a few days out from the initial disappointment.

I really have no idea if the baby is still breech or head down either. I think both positions feel the same to me!  I’m holding on to the hope that my little one is just doing its own thing for now, but when labor comes, he will swan dive to right where he’s supposed to be.

And if not, the fact that I’m going to meet this sweet little baby sometime soon makes me feel incredibly thankful as well. While the birth is just a few moments of our story, there is so much more to come.

Weight Gain: No gain this week, so still holding steady at 30 pounds.
Cravings: Anything sweet. I am turning into a sugar addict and having dessert pretty much every day at this point.
Favorite Pregnancy Pastime: Warm baths!  I’ve always loved baths and now they are especially delightful. If I can deliver naturally, I think I’ll really like laboring in the tub. And if I’m ever pregnant in the future, I’d also definitely consider doing a water birth at a birth center.
Sleep: It was going pretty well, but after hearing the breech news, I’ve been waking up a lot more through the night.

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3 Responses to baby sweet pea: 38 weeks

  1. Dang it, Sweet Pea! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your efforts will turn him/her once again. Can’t hurt to try. Good luck!!!

  2. Good luck Sarah! I’m thinking about you and sending you good thoughts.

  3. Aw! I’m sorry to this, Sara! I know that baby Sweet Pea will come out safely and healthy no matter how he needs to come out. Try not to stress over it…and keep enjoying the sugar.:)

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