baby sweet pea: 37 weeks

37 weeks pregnant bump

Full term!

If I give birth to Sweet Pea this week, she won’t be considered premature. Best of all, if I go into labor, I can now stay at home for a decent amount of time rather than rushing to the hospital right away.

At 37 weeks, Sweet Pea is anywhere from 6 ½ to 7 pounds. Weight gain and length are pretty much negligible now because it just depends on how big of a baby you’ll have at birth. From here on out, baby could be hanging out at around 7 pounds or maybe even 9 pounds.

I was a 7-pounder at birth and my mom-in-law is pretty sure that Kevin was around 9 pounds. I’d be okay with an average of the two!

Now that I’ve hit the full-term mark, I’ve finished my to-dos and now we sit and wait. The nursery is complete, all baby items washed and put away, and our carpets have never looked better thanks to a professional cleaning earlier this week. (Three years of dog hair adds up!).

I think The Bump’s 37-week update says it best:

Around week 37, many moms-to-be find themselves organizing cupboards and scrubbing their floors. That’s the nesting instinct kicking in as your body senses baby will be here shortly. It also might be your brain’s way of making sure you’re prepared for just about anything, so you can feel like you have an extra edge on this whole new parent thing.

Yes, yes and yes.

I’m on the lookout for signs of labor but have little to report so far. I did have a fairly intense Braxton Hicks contraction last night – one that left me unable to move too. Normally, I can stand up and go about other activities while having a Braxton Hicks, but this one left me immobile.  It was accompanied with cramping in the lower abdominal area and lasted for a decent amount of time.

I think this kind of contraction is considered part of prodromal labor, also known as false labor. This website offers a great explanation of what prodromal labor feels like.  I only experienced one contraction with this kind of intensity though, and the others that followed were similar to what I’ve felt in the past.

I’m hoping to have another one soon (or just go into full-fledged labor) so I can practice for the big day. When it happened last night, I was already in bed and attempting to get out of bed to go the bathroom.

As the contraction hit, I pretty much laid there and yelled to Kevin something along the lines of “WHAT THE HECK! I CAN’T EVEN MOVE! OHHH MAN! LOOK AT MY STOMACH! IT LOOKS NUTS! DO YOU SEE THIS?!”

There were a few periods of silence too, as it did take my breath away a bit. But mainly, I yelled random things and disregarded any relaxation techniques learned in Bradley.

And this is why going into labor is like riding a bike.

You can prepare all you want, but you can’t figure out how you’re really going to handle it until you’re up and riding. And if my first stint with labor doesn’t end with crashing into telephone poles, brick walls, and stitches in my forehead, I’ll consider it a success.

On that note, my six-year-old self would like to say that brakes that require back pedaling to stop are seriously confusing.

Weight Gain: 30 big ones, baby.
Cravings: Frozen yogurt! With the 100+ degree temperatures outside, I’ve convinced coworkers to go for froyo runs twice this week.
Gender Guesses: Kevin and I both really feel like this baby is going to be a boy. We’ll see if we’re right! I’ll be surprised no matter what, but I think I’ll be more surprised if Sweet Pea is a girl.
Sleep: I don’t have insomnia, but I wake up a lot through the night. I now require my pregnancy pillow, a head pillow, a back pillow and another that usually ends up between my feet.

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4 Responses to baby sweet pea: 37 weeks

  1. chrissyhf says:

    AHHH! You look so cute! You have such a great attitude about labor, you’ll do great.

  2. SO exciting!!! You look incredible. I think you might be having a 30 pound baby because I do not see where those 30 pounds are hiding! :)

  3. teri says:

    YOu have the skinniest arms I have ever seen on a pregnant woman! Are you sure you didn’t just stuff a basketball up under that shirt?

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