baby sweet pea: 35 weeks

35 weeks pregnant bump

I really didn’t think it was going to happen.

I spent weeks doing everything and anything I could think of to get Sweet Pea to go head down.

I joined the Y just so I could do somersaults and headstands in the water. I tried moxibustion – an acupuncture technique that literally involves lighting your foot on fire. I searched all over the internet to find ways to get a baby to flip, read the message boards, and if it worked for one you can bet I was going to try it too.

My 35-week appointment arrived and I mentally prepared myself that the baby was still breech. After listening to the heartbeat and measuring fundal height, my midwife Sage was fairly certain she could feel a head hanging by my lower left pelvis area. She tried to confirm with a cervical exam, but because mine was still closed, I was sent off to the ultrasound room.

baby foot 35 weeks pregnant

You better believe that foot is pointing up and giving my ribs a good kick these days.

Baby Sweet Pea is HEAD DOWN!

I think the ultrasound tech was a bit surprised to see me get so emotional, but I couldn’t help myself. After discovering that I have a heart-shaped uterus and learning that more than 50% of women with this type of uterus have a breech baby (compared to the 3-4% that occurs in all deliveries) this has weighed on me the entire pregnancy.

While I still know that anything can happen and Sweet Pea could still find herself somehow head up on delivery day, it makes me happy to know that at least she is capable of going head down.  And it’s a much nicer feeling to hold on to than to think that baby will never go head down, no matter what I do.

As for Sweet Pea, she is enjoying her southern stay in womb-land, measuring about 20 inches in length and weighing about 5 ½ pounds. She’s about finished growing length-wise, but will continue to pack on the pounds until delivery. (source, source)

35 weeks pregnant

35 weeks …

22 weeks pregnant

22 weeks and thinking i’m huge!

While I’m beyond ecstatic that Sweet Pea is head down, I’m now ready to concentrate on a new task – to get this baby out of me!

Just about five more weeks to go.

And breathe.

Total Weight Gain:  2 more pounds! Now at 28 total.
Gender Ideas: Well … last week Kevin dreamed that the baby was a girl. This week he had a full-on labor dream aaaand it was a boy. We are clueless. Where is this mother’s intuition they talk about!?
Delivery Day Predictions: I’m just going to put it out there and say July 18. It’s 6 days earlier than my estimated due date (July 24) and while most first-time moms are pregnant for 40+ weeks, I just have a feeling about this one …
Symptoms: Tons of pelvic pressure and sleep is hit or miss. Thankfully, if I sleep poorly one night, I’ll usually make up for it and sleep well the next night.

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9 Responses to baby sweet pea: 35 weeks

  1. You are glowing! You look beautiful!

    I have been having dreams lately that we are having a girl but for the longest time I thought it will be a boy- at this point I am clueless! I haven’t had any labor dreams but I have been having dreams about my water breaking.

    I also think I am going to be early – the number 5 is reoccurring in my dreams- so could be the 25th…but that’s today or July 5th or 5 days early? Hopefully not 5 days late!!

    As for symptoms pelvic pressure is just going to increase but my midwife was delighted to hear I was having some at my appointment last just means your body is doing what it should to prepare for birth!

    • sarasuzanne says:

      maybe it’s july 15!

      i haven’t had any actual labor dreams yet either. mine are usually post-delivery and trying to figure out what the heck i’m supposed to do with a newborn baby. usually i’ll be going about regular life and then suddenly remember that i have a baby and haven’t fed it in 3 days!

  2. I am still so excited that his or her little head is down! You look wonderful, and I cannot believe you are so close to the finish line. We need another lunch date soon!:)

  3. Erin says:

    Hi from a new, random reader and fellow blogger. I came across your blog while Googling moxibustion and am happy to hear your baby turned. I’m due with my second at the end of August, and my little one has been enjoying the transverse/possibly breech position for a few weeks. I can relate to your baby-flipping attempts! I’m in week 33 now, and I think he or she may have flipped- will find out at my appointment in a few days. Anyway, I see that you are now due any time, and wish you luck with your birth! Feel free to stop by if you’d like- I blog about pregnancy (and life in general).

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