baby sweet pea: 34 weeks

34 weeks pregnancy

At 34 weeks, Sweet Pea has lost almost all of his lanugo hair and the vernix coating that covers the skin is growing thicker. (source) But let’s talk about the craziest milestone going on this week.

Sweet Pea is now FIVE pounds.

That’s just about real-life baby size!  I can definitely feel every bit of those five pounds too.

It’s easy to see why pregnant women are so ready to give birth as the due date approaches. I’m running out of clothes (or, more like just getting tired of the weekly rotation of maternity shirts) and the bump just keeps getting bigger.

Despite the innate desire to complain and emit loud dramatic sighs about my uncomfortable state, I’ve discovered that having a basketball-sized midsection can come quite in handy at times.

Did you know my belly is now large enough to use for multitasking purposes?  I can grow a baby in there and also create my own snack tray when the coffee table is just too far away. It’s even handy as an arm rest when my limbs let gravity get the best of them. Win, win.

And with Sweet Pea only getting bigger, Operation Head Down is still in full force. I’m basically trying to convince Sweet Pea that the southern half of my stomach is a Utopian paradise of root beer floats, unicorns and palm trees while the upper half is a raging arena of fiery apocalyptic doom.

It’s kind of working.

I recently read that peppermint oil can help turn a breech baby, so I bought it this week and spread it on the upper half of my stomach every morning and night. From what I’ve read, babies don’t like it and will try to move away from the oil. I like to use this along with a heating pad (on the lowest setting) before bed. I’ll place the pad on the lower half of my stomach while the peppermint oil is smeared on my upper half.

(Peppermint oil is also great if you have a posterior baby and want him or her to flip to anterior for an easier birth. Posterior placement basically means that the baby’s spine is facing your spine, which can cause horrible back labor. To help correct a posterior presentation, just place the oil on the lower half of your back to encourage the baby to turn around.)

Kevin also will talk to Sweet Pea while I’ve got the heating pad and oil going on. This actually works really well. I actually saw Sweet Pea turn completely head down for the first time while Kevin was talking to him too!

Unfortunately, regardless of what we do, Sweet Pea is always back to breech when I wake up in the morning. Though I have noticed that he moves around more during the day now and the head isn’t always stuck below my ribs.

I’ve also tried a few other turning techniques, but I’ll talk about those in next week’s post, lest you all think I’ve gone completely obsessed. I promise I do other things than just flip myself upside down, smear myself with oils and spend hours visualizing Sweet Pea’s head floating in my lower body.

I also like to spend money on baby stuff and bake cookies.

Is photographic evidence required? Probably not. But here is a photo regardless for your enjoyment.

babies r us baby bump

Photographic evidence of my cookie baking was not possible as they disappeared quickly after emerging from the oven.

And while ending this post about cookies would surely leave us on a high note, I can’t finish without mentioning something a bit unfortunate.

I recently received an email that the glider I ordered (and expected to be shipped this week!) is on backorder. It won’t arrive until July 13.

Ensue angry fist shakes.

As I love to go in the nursery and just stare at it, I was really looking forward to getting the glider so I could sit in it and rock away to my heart’s content.

I’m now on the hunt for a new one, but I have a feeling that any new find will probably take a few weeks to come in as well.

More angry fist shakes are likely to occur, but at least I can take comfort in knowing that a comfortable arm rest is always at the ready.

pregnancy cartoon

It may not be a photo of chocolate chip cookies, but today, it will do.

Total Weight Gain: Nothing gained this week. First time this has happened, but I did hear that weight gain can start to level out towards the end of pregnancy. I feel like that shouldn’t be happening for a few more weeks though, so I plan to ask my midwife about it at my appointment next week.
Gender Ideas: Kevin had his second baby dream about gender. This time he dreamed that Sweet Pea is a girl, so that makes 1 for boy, 1 for girl!
Sleep: I was doing really well throughout the third trimester, but I think that is coming to an end. The other third-trimester ladies in my yoga class have all been struggling with sleep between 3AM to 6AM and I’m starting to fall into that pattern too.
Symptoms: I still haven’t had heartburn, but I did have some pretty awful acid reflux one day this week. Luckily, I had an acupuncture appointment that night and the reflux was gone in the morning.

(I created a pregnancy page for Viva Catalina so you can easily read through weekly updates. You can find it in the navigation, or check it out here!)

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5 Responses to baby sweet pea: 34 weeks

  1. Lindsay says:

    We found out our baby was breech at 31 weeks and used a variety of techniques to help her/him flip and now at 36 weeks s/he is head down. If you haven’t I recommend heading over to Spinning Babies for some tips.

  2. I am so excited to hear that you’re having some lucky with baby flipping!!! So great, and so cool too! It must feel/look so crazy- exciting!

  3. Coley Cole says:

    You are so adorable!

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