baby sweet pea: 32 weeks

32 weeks pregnant

This week marks the start of the eighth month of pregnancy and just eight weeks until my due date.

Sweet Pea is pretty excited there are only eight weeks left until the big due date. He’s working on the art of sucking and swallowing and hopes to perfect the motions by 34 weeks – although if born today, he’d still need to be fed through a tube for a week or two. Sweet Pea also weighs an impressive 4 pounds and is nearly 17 inches in length. (source, source)

I’m starting to pick up signs that the end of pregnancy is near. I am proud to say that I am now capable of producing colostrum, and I’ve also noticed a sign that Sweet Pea is already starting to drop!

32 weeks pregnant bump

droppin’ away!

Since I started seeing the chiropractor, I’ve felt an increase of pressure in the pelvic area. The feeling has yet to go away, so I gave my midwife a call this week to make sure what I’m feeling is normal and not a sign of preterm labor.

Thanks to my Google research, I had a feeling the pressure I felt was due to Sweet Pea starting to drop, and the nurse who called me back confirmed this.  She told me that babies will typically drop in the last month or two of pregnancy, and no matter when a baby drops, it does not indicate that labor will be starting sooner rather than later. Some women (especially those who have already given birth before) will not have their baby drop until the actual start of labor!

I do think the chiropractor visits may have encouraged Sweet Pea to move farther down, but who knows – maybe it would have happened regardless.

I also wasn’t sure how Sweet Pea could already be dropping if he’s currently in the breech position. The nurse explained that babies will drop regardless of their position. I guess this makes sense as vaginal breech births are possible, even if they’re not so common!

Total Weight Gain:  24 pounds
Favorite Foods: I’ve been loving sweet potatoes and corn-on-the-cob lately and they frequently appear on our dinner menu. We’ve also been cooking lots of green beans from how to traumatize your children bookthe garden and they are absolutely amazing.  There’s nothing better than just-harvested veggies!
Baby Stuff Bought: My coworker, Susan, gave me this hilarious book, How to Traumatize Your Children as she thought this was my kind of humor. I’ve decided to take this as a compliment.
Most Looking Forward To: Erin and Jen are throwing me a baby shower this Saturday so I can celebrate Sweet Pea’s impending arrival with friends in Charlotte. I can’t wait to see everyone!

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5 Responses to baby sweet pea: 32 weeks

  1. I love that dress on you. You look beautiful! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow at the shower.:)

  2. Joanne says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time in your life. Happy baby!

  3. Alexa says:

    Where did you get the cute dress you’re wearing in this post?

  4. Alexa says:

    I’ve heard of this place from a friend in Raleigh, now I’m surely checking it out.


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