baby sweet pea: 31 weeks

31 weeks pregnant

Sweet Pea is undergoing major brain development this week and spending much of her days snoozing.  There’s also less room to move around, so whenever Sweet Pea does make a move, it’s much more deliberate. She’s also about the size of a pineapple, coming in at just over 16 inches in length and weighing about 3.5 pounds. It’s hard to believe that by the time Sweet Pea is ready for birth, she’ll have doubled this weight!  (source, source)

I’ve definitely noticed that Sweet Pea is taking up a lot more room these days. I often have two hard lumps on my stomach – one on the left and one on the right. I think she likes to hang out in the transverse position a lot, but still goes breech occasionally. I’m also not sure if Sweet Pea is actually head down at times or breech, since I’m still having trouble distinguishing the head from the butt. At this point, I’m just glad that Sweet Pea still has enough room to try out all the positions!

It was so nice to have an extra-long weekend to prep for baby and just relax. Kevin and I usually go out of town during holiday weekends, but this year a staycation seemed like the perfect idea.

We spent most of the Memorial Day weekend shopping around for a new car as I’m planning to trade in my Mazda for something larger. It’s not a must-have, but we’d definitely like more car space after Sweet Pea’s arrival, especially on longer road trips so our dog Maggie can still tag along.

Car shopping in the third trimester is brutal. Kevin already went out last week to narrow down our options so I’d only have three dealerships to visit this weekend. But after standing around one too many parking lots in 90+ degree weather on Saturday, I was on the verge of a physical and mental breakdown.

I think I surprised myself as much as I surprised Kevin when I suddenly burst into tears in the middle of the Volkswagen parking lot. It turns out I surprised the sales guy too, as I hadn’t noticed he was actually standing right by Kevin when I decided it would be a great time to start a meltdown. He quickly said something about his sister-in-law just having a baby two weeks ago and understood, and I quickly headed for the car to calm down.

Later that night, I asked Kevin to start a bath for me while I finished doing the dishes. I think he was feeling a little bad about dragging me around for so long earlier that day and surprised me with an awesome spa-like setup when I came upstairs.

spa bath at home

what a guy

Aside from our intense car shopping, Kevin also attended a Dadchelor party this weekend while I hung out with some of the girls at my friend Caitlin’s house. I’d never heard of a Dadchelor party before, but essentially it’s to celebrate the father-to-be. As for the pregnant ladies, it was a good excuse to eat lots of dessert and watch a movie on the couch.

Two of the guys are expecting babies in the next few weeks, and they had a list of tasks to accomplish while bar hopping. A few of them included taking a photo with a pregnant girl, getting a stranger to sing their favorite lullaby, and also asking a stranger to burp their baby doll (they were forced to carry one around all night!).

A part of me wishes I could have been at the bar to witness some of the antics, but lounging on the couch and eating ice cream and brownies is a pretty fantastic option too these days.

Total Weight Gain:  23 pounds!
Gender Ideas: I kind of feel like Sweet Pea is a boy, but that might be because I found out that my friend Erin is expecting a boy this week!
Baby Stuff Bought: I had two UPS visits this week to deliver more nursery items. Just a few more things and the room will be finished.
Most Hormonal Moment: I’d say bursting into tears at the car dealership is currently topping that list.

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2 Responses to baby sweet pea: 31 weeks

  1. Congratulations on your Sweet Pea!:) I’m 31 weeks as well but unfortunately it’s not yet as visible ( and hardly anybody lets me jump the line or gives me their seat away! 20 pounds weight gain though!

  2. I love how now you think you’re having a boy. Haha. it would be so much fun having baby boys together though!:)

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