baby sweet pea: 29 weeks

29 weeks pregnancy

It’s the last week of my 20s! At 29 weeks, Sweet Pea is 2.5 pounds and just over 15 inches long – about the size of a butternut squash. Her head is growing bigger to make room for the developing brain, plus about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited into Sweet Pea’s skeleton each day. (source)

While Sweet Pea had a busy week making herself all human-like, it feels like Kevin and I haven’t had a chance to slow down since getting back from the baby shower in Cincinnati. My father-in-law drove back to Charlotte with Kevin to deliver the gifts and he stayed a few extra days to install a kitchen backsplash, plus hang curtains in the nursery!

And after just attending my baby shower in Cincy, I was lucky enough to have a baby shower at work this week too. I celebrated with a few other expecting moms – and one dad-to-be! At every office baby shower, there’s always plenty of good food, cake and lots of beer to ensure all the guys show up to celebrate.

office baby shower

pregnant ladies

the pregnancy crew

We also headed for a quick trip to Charleston on Saturday. Literally, we were there for about 24 hours.  After booking our honeymoon through Delta Vacations, we received a $300 gift card from them after the trip. I scheduled our one-night stay in Charleston back in August and had no idea I’d be about 7.5 months pregnant when the time came for us to go!

Kevin and I spent the day at the beach in Isle of Palms and later grabbed appetizers at Fleet Landing and dinner at High Cotton. Sunday arrived with a steady stream of rain, so we hit up the South Carolina Aquarium and then decided to head home a bit earlier than planned.

huck's restaurant isle of palms

awesome, awesome lunch at huck’s lowcountry table in isle of palms

charleston, sc pregnancy


It was also our last Bradley class this week and I’m sad to see it go. While the time commitment was sometimes a struggle (we met for two hours every Monday night for about 12 weeks), it was nice to hang out with a bunch of other pregnant ladies each week.

Most couples in my class are due in mid-May and June, and my July due date is the farthest out.  Luckily, my instructor Jen offered to meet up with Kevin and I later this summer if we need to go over anything. But no matter when Sweet Pea decides to arrive, I’m now pretty confident about labor and delivery with this card-carrying husband by my side.

Feeling contractions, ladies? You know who to call.

bradley birth card

Total Weight Gain:  I’m now at 20.5 pounds!
Most Hormonal Moment:  I received my very first Mother’s Day flower from a server at the hotel’s breakfast in Charleston this weekend. Commence tears.
Baby Stuff Bought: I nearly bought out the gender neutral section of Target this week. I now have plenty of 0-3 month clothing options, and am so thankful that my friend Andrea is letting me borrow her newborn-sized gender neutral outfits as well! 
Cravings: I was dying for a chocolate chip cookie at work today. (The cookies in our office are absolutely the most amazing that exist in this world.) I held out all day – and even had an apple around 5:30 to see if that would satisfy me. But no, the cookie still called my name. I headed down to the café and was lucky enough to receive TWO chocolate chip cookies for the price of one! It was like Christmas morning.
Symptoms: I’ve avoided heartburn, Braxton Hicks and swollen ankles so far, but I did have blurry vision that went on and off for about an hour this week. A Google search determined that I should call the doctor if it lasts for more than two hours, but luckily mine cleared up before that time period. However, I’ll definitely mention it to my midwife at my next appointment.

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2 Responses to baby sweet pea: 29 weeks

  1. Sally Stock says:

    You look so beautiful, Sara! This time together for you and Kevin is so special. Make the most of it. Love you much! Mom

  2. chrissyhf says:

    I didn’t have too many symptoms, but I did have the blurry vision! It was crazy. Glad things are going well!

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