baby sweet pea: 28 weeks

28 weeks pregnant

got this photo at the last possible moment! 28 weeks, 6 days🙂

Sweet Pea and I celebrated 28 weeks by heading to Cincinnati this past weekend for my first baby shower. My mom and sisters threw a beautiful party and I couldn’t have asked for a better time with family and friends.

sweet pea baby shower cake

a sweet pea cake for baby sweet pea!

pregnancy bumps

lori is due with her baby boy exactly a month after me on august 24!

michelle and nathan

michelle and nathan

meghan and preston

meghan and preston

Sweet Pea now weighs in at about 2 1/4 pounds and takes up almost 15 inches in my belly – about the size of a Chinese cabbage. He’s also sporting eyelashes and pigment is filling in the eyes, although the permanent color won’t fill in until about 6 months after birth. (source)

I found out at my prenatal appointment this morning that Sweet Pea is lying transverse, with his head on the left side of my stomach. My midwife explained that this may explain why I’ve been feeling extra full and uncomfortable lately when I eat. The stomach is on the left side of the body too, so Sweet Pea is pressing his head right into it!

I’ve also had two puking experiences this week (one of them this morning!) as a result of that “fullness” feeling, with both instances occurring while eating my first breakfast of the day. When it happened, I didn’t get a nauseous feeling like in the first trimester, it was just a very full feeling… like my stomach might explode. And then I puked. Happy Monday to me!

To make my Monday even better, I had my glucose test this morning to test for gestational diabetes. My midwife instructed me to eat my normal breakfast and to finish eating any food at least one hour beforehand.

The drink was so sweet and I only had five minutes to drink it. I thought I was keeping a good pace, but with only a minute to go, I still had almost half my drink to finish and had to quickly chug the remainder.

pregnancy glucose test

I felt pretty tired and a little nauseous after the test, but I think it was partly due to not eating as much as I usually do for breakfast since I decided to puke it up instead. Hopefully the results will be okay!

I’m also lucky enough to have a negative blood type, so I got my first RhoGam shot right in the butt after finishing the glucose test. And for all you ladies with a negative blood type – don’t worry. It’s really not as bad as it sounds.

Aside from the troubles of today, the 28th week went along smoothly and with minimal complications. And now that I’m back home in Charlotte, I’m ready to organize my new gifts for Sweet Pea in the nursery. Nesting has fully begun!

Total Weight Gain:  1 more pound, totaling 19.5 – almost 20!
Gender Ideas:  Kevin had his first labor dream this week, and in his dream, Sweet Pea was a boy!
Baby Stuff Bought: I’m putting UPS to work this week with all the nursery items I’m having delivered to the house.
Baby Movement: My mom treated me to a prenatal massage while in Cincinnati! At the salon, there was a pillow provided with an indentation so I could lay on my stomach with my bump nestled inside. After the massage, my stomach looked so distorted that I had a minor panic attack, convinced I’d given Sweet Pea a concussion. I swear the baby was moving less frequently than usual for the following two days too, but I’m happy to report that he’s now back to his regular kicks and wiggles.
Symptoms: Just the random vomiting twice in the past week. Fingers crossed that Sweet Pea moves closer to head down and gives my stomach a break soon.

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4 Responses to baby sweet pea: 28 weeks

  1. Your sweet little cake was so cute!

    How freakin nasty was that drink?!?! I had to force myself to chug it down and swear it was syrup and red bull mixed because it made my heart race like crazy. I do not look forward to ever doing that test again!

  2. That cake is absolutely adorable!

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