baby sweet pea: 27 weeks

27 week pregnant bump

27 weeks, 5 days!

The third trimester is underway! At 27 weeks, Sweet Pea is averaging about 14.5 inches in length and weighs in at around 2 pounds – about the size of a head of cauliflower.

She also can finally open her eyes and catch a glimpse of the inner-workings of my uterus. I’m hoping she’s pretty impressed with her surroundings as I’ve now spent more time and energy getting her residence in order than I have on any other home décor project to date. (source)

And as for Sweet Pea’s future home, the nursery is progressing bit by bit. I’ve been splitting up purchases throughout the past two months and will hopefully have all items bought by end of May. Pictures to come once the room is complete!

Kevin and I checked out gliders this weekend at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us, and I think we’ve found the perfect one. We also ran into two couples from our Bradley class at the stores, both due in May. As the sole July due date in my class, I’ve been getting extra antsy lately as the May and June couples are gearing up for impending deliveries. Lucky kids!

I also had a fun day yesterday attending my friend Caitlin’s baby shower. She’s taking Bradley classes with me and due in mid-June – just six weeks ahead!

pregnant bumps

here we are at 27 weeks & 33 weeks. i had to squat and she had to stand on tip-toe to get our bumps even!

I feel so lucky to know so many new and expecting moms in the area. It’s also nice to know that Sweet Pea will have plenty of friends to spit up with once she makes her grand arrival. Because, you know, spitting up is way more fun when you can do it with friends.

pregnancy belly button popped

...aaand the belly button has popped!

Total Weight Gain:  Another week, another pound! Now at 18.5.
Gender Ideas:  I’m now leaning towards a boy – based on a recent dream I had – although friends at Caitlin’s shower and a hostess lady who brought me a to-go lunch order of pad thai seem to think I’m having a girl.
Crazy Pregnancy Dreams: I had a dream this week that I delivered a baby boy who was already named Hank when he entered the world. He later turned into a hamster. No worries though, as dream Sara found this to be completely normal.
Sleep: I’ve always been a side sleeper, so the side sleeping was never an issue for me. However, with nearly 20 extra pounds in my mid-section, I’m starting to feel like a fallen log when I wake up in the middle of the night and need to readjust. Everything just feels so heavy.  
Baby Movement: I can feel hiccups now! (Really, I still have no idea if what I think are hiccups are really hiccups, but the beauty of being the only one to feel it means that I can lie to anyone I want to and you all will never know the difference. Muhahaha.)
Symptoms: I got leg cramps in the middle of the night twice in the past week. I’ve started drinking coconut water before bed and hopefully that does the trick. I haven’t had any since, at least!

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2 Responses to baby sweet pea: 27 weeks

  1. Melissa Parker says:

    you look great! Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us!

  2. You look so darn cute with that perfect, tiny little belly! Glad the nursery is coming together for you.

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