baby sweet pea: 24 weeks

24 weeks pregnant

It’s a big day in uterus land! At 24 weeks, Sweet Pea is now considered viable if he decides to make his way into the world. Of course, there would be many health complications as well, so he’ll be much better off if he stays put for a few more months.

pregnant bump 24 weeks

am i carrying high or low? it looks like neither to me!

I’m also now 6 months into pregnancy and finishing my last month of the second trimester. At least, I’ve decided I’m 6 months…

Whenever someone asks how many months I am, I always pause before answering. Perhaps it’s because I’ve always had an awful relationship with numbers and would much rather tell you that the months don’t matter, because did you know baby is the size of a MANGO today!? Fruit > Numbers, you see.

I’d also prefer just telling you how many weeks I am since that’s far more accurate. But unless you’re pregnant or given birth before, nobody also is going to have a clue what you’re talking about.

So, whenever asked the how many months question, I now just divide by 4. I like this way better than referring to some of my Internet sources as they rarely agree with each other.

With 6 months of growing under his belt umbilical cord, Sweet Pea is about the size of a papaya and packing on the pounds – or ounces, rather. Just this week, he’s added four more ounces to his weight while his height has stayed consistent, at just over a foot in length. The skin is thickening, as baby starts to pack on the fat. His lungs are developing branches of the respiratory tree as well. (source, source)

The brain cells are still developing at lightning-fast speeds, at least I imagine it like so. Thankfully, Sweet Pea has an extensive book collection in the works to put those brain cells to good use. As a lover of all things letter, this makes me quite proud.

Kevin and I purchased the I Love My Dad book a few weeks ago, mainly because we had about $12 left on our Pottery Barn gift card to spend. But my favorite book so far is this one:

i love you more book

We got I Love You More while at an art festival in Fort Lauderdale last month. The author was there and she was nice enough to sign the book for us!

We also received an awesome gift from Joey, the best man in our wedding. He and his girlfriend Rachel sent Sweet Pea his first Dr. Seuss books. I loved Dr. Seuss as a child, and I can thank Hop on Pop for teaching me how to read. I can’t wait for the day Sweet Pea starts to explore reading and gets lost in a good book himself.

nursery books

Total Weight Gain:  Only gained .4 pounds this week. Then again, my last weigh-in was 4 days ago, so it’s really still on track. We’ll say this makes it 14.5 pounds for the week.
Food Cravings: I have a breakfast lunch date with my friend Erin at Flying Biscuit this Thursday. The cravings started as soon as we made plans and the French toast is calling my name.
Gender Guesses: Kevin has three other cousins expecting babies this spring and summer – and they are all the first grandbabies of the family! With due dates in May, June, July and August, it’s been pretty funny as each of us announced our pregnancies one right after the other. The cousins have all found out the gender – and they are all having girls! With three girls and one mystery baby, I’d say I have a pretty good shot of having a boy. So far, I’ve had two dreams I’m having a girl and one dream I’m having a boy. Only time will tell … 
Number of Times Spent Peeking at the Nursery: Infinite. I go in pretty much every day, and sometimes will catch Kevin in there gazing at the crib too.
What I’m Looking Forward To: Headed to Asheville this weekend to spend Easter with my parents and two sisters (the two brothers will be spending the holiday with their lady loves in Cincinnati). We’ll also be celebrating my youngest sister’s 15th birthday!

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5 Responses to baby sweet pea: 24 weeks

  1. Can’t wait for our lunch date!!!! :)

  2. Hehe, my hubby and I aren’t finding out the sex, but all of my friends who are due around me are having boys. My ‘intuition’ hasn’t been helping at all, lol… but I truly don’t care… I’m just so excited!

  3. sarasuzanne says:

    agreed! i really don’t mind if i have a boy or girl. i’m hoping the suspense will help to get me through labor!

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