what would sacajawea do?

If it takes a village to raise a child, it most definitely takes one to create a baby registry.

I’d probably include any neighboring villages for good measure.

You may think you’re already a registry pro based on a few good times had with past wedding registries, but think again, my friend.

When it’s just you and your future spouse, taste preferences are already established and the only struggles encountered are agreeing on the place settings and silverware you’d like to use for dinner each night. That is, if your better half even has an opinion on the matter.

Those were the days when you breezed the aisles of favorite department stores, registry gun in hand, zapping away at anything that tickled your heart strings.

But now, now you clutch your registry gun and feel your hand slip against the cold sweat of all those who came before. You stare at aisle upon aisle of items you’ve never seen – let alone know how to use.  You can’t help but think that each product you choose is somehow determining your future child’s life path.  

And with 18 more years to potentially mess that up, it’s crucial to start off on the best foot possible. This baby registry isn’t just a list of presents to be opened at future baby showers.  It’s your first true step to parenthood.

But before you go longing for the days of chocolate fondue sets and 1500 thread count sheets, know this:

 If Sacajawea could do it, so can you.

That lady walked thousands of miles across America while pregnant, and eventually gave birth on the expedition as well. She kept her son strapped on her back for the journey, and according to my research, there were no pacifiers, baby bouncers or Sleep Sheep to be found.  

It’s also worth noting that her son, Jean Baptiste, grew to be an intelligent and successful young man.

I’ve thought of Sacajawea often while going over my baby registry in the last few weeks; most notably, while registering for the Ergo and Moby Wrap. You know she would have loved one of those.

And while I love me some baby carrier, I also had to admit that I was no Sacajawea. So when faced with a registry of only two items and miles of Babies R Us yet to be explored,  I turned to my mom friends for help.

Opinions vary widely on what works best for baby. Every baby is different and yours will be too.

My mom friends stood separately on many of their must-haves, but they also joined hands on one sole truth: always register for more than one brand and save all your receipts.

Babies can be very particular about the bottle or pacifier they prefer, so before you order three sets of the Dr. Brown’s BPA Free 3-pack, you should probably scale that down to one order and add another brand or two to your list.

I’ve also found that some items previously deemed as useless – I’m looking at you, bottle warmer – are now featured on my registry based on glowing reports from friends.

baby wipes warmer

toughen up the tushie. say no to the wipes warmer.

But there’s one thing I can tell you won’t be on my list, and I think Sacajawea would have smacked us all upside the head if she even heard this was invented – the baby wipes warmer.


When all else fails – WWSD, people.


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