Yellow And Grey Valance Ideas

A yellow and grey valance with the geometrical design will shout a contemporary art look. It is a simple way to add splash of color and contour at once to your room. Check out the following ideas.

Yellow and Grey Valance Floral Bird

yellow and gray valance panel geometric

The geometric valance panel fits perfectly for the dynamic personality. The abstract line and curves form certain shapes in some point. Putting this contemporary valance in your room will give you proper amount of light as well as window decoration. The colorful valance is crafted by hand and only requires the cotton fabric material and thread. Various bright colors and unique pattern are stocked and ready to sew. They are waiting for your standard or customized order.

Grey Yellow Kitchen valance

yellow and gray valance Kitchen

Try something new with this exceptional valance. The outstanding pattern like any others will dramatically change your room look in seconds. The combination of bold and soft colors creates new edgy appearance. For those who love long lasting item, this valance is the best choice. Made from 100% fabric, it satisfies spotless lovers. In only two weeks, your order will be delivered to your house. Want to make it fancier? Make matched pillow case with different pattern.

A pattern has its own repeated sequence. Instead of combining pattern, what about playing with lines and color? Create a contemporary vibe with your own yellow and grey valance.

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