USMC Garden Flag

USMC garden flag in front of a house is the symbol of pride. Not everyone can have this flag, so those houses also want durable property in return.

USMC Garden Flag

usmc garden flag US Marine Corps nylon

Specifically took the materials from USA, the manufacturer Flag Poles and More is the high quality option. It is made from the best commercial vinyl of its class.  The size is perfect for public houses: 18×12 inches. The logo is printed by using the top UV resistant ink. Thus, it will project the logo better while it is also made for outdoor purpose. Unlike the other single face reversed flag, this product has strong and clear color in both sides.

United States Marines Embroidered Military

usmc garden flag Embroidered Military

If printed flag is not good enough, then try the one sided embroidered flag. The polyester material gives elegant touch to complete the majestic image of the flag. It is available in red background to provide contrast to the blue and gold logo. When installed above the door, this graceful flag will show even more vivid picture compared to the printed one. The detail embroidery covers all the pictures: the eagle, globe, anchor and the banner.

The pride of hanging marine flag on the ceiling does not belong to anyone. These are best USMC garden flag options. It has excellent look and quality. Which one do you prefer best?

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