Union Jack Area Rug – Give your room a Vintage Touch

Adding a union jack area rug on a room will bring back your old but gold memories. If you want the great one, the following recommendations don’t look cheap and it offers style at the same time.

Union Jack Area Rug – Large Buckingham Great Britain Flag

union jack area rug

Strong and firm look can be seen on this rug. Its’ bold red and blue accent definitely give your room a daring look. Made of 100% Polypropylene pile, it will be comfortable to the touch yet durable too. Equipped with anti-bacterial and water repellent feature, it will be very functional to almost any room in the house. Its 4 x 5.3 feet size makes this rug a good addition for a living room or kitchen decor.

Contemporary Union Jack Area Rug

union jack area rug Contemporary red

Give your room a vintage touch with this rug! It is a perfect decorative addition for your room. Featuring the iconic shades, it simply evokes memories of London back in 60s. At the same time, it gives a room fun and cheerful vibe. Made of 100% polyester for durability, it is very comfortable and durable enough for a busy room. Pairing this 5 x 8 feet rug with any vintage item will be a simple but wonderful décor.

These options are totally nostalgic. It vibes nicely yet it also looks melancholic at the same time. Pick a Union Jack area rug you like and see how it transforms your room.

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