Thickest Rug Pad – Add Comfort and Protection

Applying the thickest rug pad is simply perfect to add comfort to your favorite rugs. It truly makes everyone feel safe too while stepping on it. Are you interested in applying a thick rug pad? Here the best suggestions for you:

Choose the Thickest Rug Pad for Your Floors

thickest rug pad extra thick

100% Felt Rug Pad – Extra Thick – SAFE for all floors 

Made of 100% recycled felt rug pad with a full 3/8″ thickness, this product is meant to prevent rug slipping. It will also add extra protection, comfort, and cushion to your rugs. It will keep floor from any damages by preventing any pressure penetration to it too. Meanwhile, it is also perfect to reduce noises as it absorbs any pressure that causes floor noise. Featuring Hypoallergenic, Mold/mildew resistant and LEED certificate for air quality, this rug pad will enhance your rug function.

thickest rug pad

Over 1/2″ Thick Area RUG Carpet Pad

It is made of 100% recycled fiber. Its materials make this product tough to hold heaviest traffic while it also provides extra comfort and safety. Featuring Eco-Friendly Felt Rug Pads, this pad is perfect for noise reduction. It does not contain any harm materials which can harm your floor, and it is 100% safe to be applied on any type floor as well.

Comfortable feeling while stepping on any rugs is all people want. By applying thickest rug pad products, comfort and safety is guaranteed for you!

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