Turn Your Kitchen into a Special Space with These Sisal Carpet Tiles

Sisal carpet tiles can be your ultimate option in changing the way it looks. With these tiles in your kitchen, it will be completely a special space for the whole family.

Sisal Carpet Tiles

Ottomanson Jardin sisal carpet tiles

Ottomanson Jardin Contemporary Trellis Design

Make a bold contemporary outlook with this grey tile. Totally made of polypropylene, it has a beautifully decorated ornament with perfect combination of grey and white. People can see your bold sense of contemporary art as soon as they walk into your kitchen.

Surya SOHOYELLOW  sisal carpet tiles

Surya SOHOYELLOW Soho Natural

Show your guests how bright you are with this yellow tile. Having a casual design with multiple weaves and textures, this jute hand-woven tile provides your kitchen with an unprecedented value. Since it is made in India, your kitchen will be stunning with the touch of its simple yet artistic style.

Elevin(TM) Fashion Fluffy sisal carpet tiles

Elevin(TM) Fashion Fluffy

Stylish velvet tile for stylish people. With the overall green color, this polypropylene fiber surface yet will be draw the interest of your guests. It will definitely fit into your modern kitchen set. Thus, you will look more trendy than ever.

So, are you ready to change the look of your kitchen? Whenever you are ready, make sure that you choose one of these sisal carpet tiles and let their magic change your kitchen.

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