Shutter Wall Decor Ideas

If you are looking Shutter wall decor ideas, perhaps these following ideas can give you an inspiration.

Maple Leaf Window Shutter Wall Decor

shutter wall decor Maple Leaf Window

How to get the old classical feeling but still adorable? Hang this Maple Leaf Window Shutter from Nearly Natural. The ivory colors on the shutter contrast elegantly with the beige color of the maple leaf. On top of the leaf, you can see the calligraphy of romantic quotes. Some lovely stamps add the romantic feeling of love letter of this interior. The rustic wooden frame perfectly wrap the small details inside without driving outside the theme.

Peacock Window Shutter Wall Decor

shutter wall decor Peacock Window

You don’t have to go to France to get the artistic ornaments. Having this Peacock Window Shutter is great enough to bring French atmosphere to your room. The item of nearly natural is famous for its enchanting accent. Peacock and flower are the main focus of the project. Its wonderful color stands out prettily thanks to the off-white background color. The faded newspaper adds nostalgic feeling to the frame. Hang this romantic interior in the bathroom, bedroom or living room. Flower arrangement next to it will be a great complement.

Plain window is hard to admire, especially for those who adore complexity. We hope those Shutter Wall Decor Ideas can give you an inspiration.

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