Jute Rug 8×10

Jute Rug 8×10. A jute rug is a good choice to promote a peaceful and natural atmosphere to your living space. Size:8′ x 10′ is good enough to any area of your home such as living room or kitchen.

NF447A Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection Jute Rug 8×10

Safavieh Natural Fiber jute rug 8x10

The Safavieh jute rug 8×10 is expertly designed for individuals looking to bring a casual ambiance to their home. Promoting a natural and peaceful atmosphere. Providing a plain blend style, this rug is highly textured with a natural veggie fiber. It works well in low-medium traffic spot of your home including a living room, under a coffee table, or home office.

Featuring cool accent colors of dark and light beige, this jute rug will blend perfectly with existing or new decor. Its unlimited flexibility enables it to assimilate easily right into an urban setting. This Safavieh collection is a fantastic selection of rugs which offer any living space a perfectly relaxed effect. Handwoven to ensure product uniqueness, craftsmanship, and quality.

Natural Area Rugs Calvin Collection

Natural calvin collection jute rug 8x10

This eco-friendly jute rug features a modern and beautiful look while retaining a soft and plush texture for bare feet. It is ideal for social areas such as living room, bedroom, or dining room. To keep your rug in place and to protect your hardwood floor, carpet pads are recommended because they’ll prolong the life of the rug. All natural fibers, 100 percent natural jute rug. Feels soft on bare feet. Hand loomed by Artisan Makers.

CAP355A Safavieh Cape Cod Collection Jute Rug 8×10 inches

Safavieh Cape Cod jute rug 8x10Cape Cod Rugs are natural in color, textural, and soft underfoot. Unrivaled softness and beauty. This jute rug 8×10 features a traditional woven pattern. Each rug is hand made to add durability and style. Natural Jute.

NF141B Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection Tiger Paw

Safavieh Natural Fiber jute rug 8x10

Think casual beach house style and coastal living with rugs so classic, they will work in the city. Biodegradable jute, natural in color, textural, and soft underfoot. Made of natural materials like jute, sea grass, and sisal. Great for any home including a city apartment and a beach house. Hand woven and hand made.

NF115A Safavieh Herringbone Natural & Beige Seagrass Rug

Safavieh Natural Fiber jute rug 8x10

Bring in a coating of visual attraction to your home with this Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection rug. Skillfully crafted of seagrass, this rug brings in a coastal style to any spot for your home including the living room, kitchen, or the entry way. Its power-loomed construction enables a precise design which offers comfy flexibility underfoot in high traffic areas.

Accented along with a trendy herringbone pattern, this jute rug 8×10 is an excellent alternative for individuals looking for a homely, organic, fashionable, and casual motif to combine into their home or living space. Its unlimited flexibility enables it to assimilate easily into an urban atmosphere. This rug will deliver rich, clean, and warmth texture to any room.

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