Jordan Wall Clock

Get a Jordan wall clock, apply it on your wall and stay on time! Manufactured in various designs and size, these clocks are reliable and catchy, not to mention that it also enhanced your furniture and complement your blank wall.

Jordan Wall Clock – Artistic Name Design

jordan wall clock ARTISTIC

This quartz movement clock runs only using one AA battery, yet it stays longer than it looks. Having diameter of 17” this clock is surely able to catch attentions of many people. The size also makes people from far distance to see this clock right away. Perfect to be put on offices or train station to make sure everyone knows the time. Designed beautifully with simple and catchy design and framed with black plastic. It is known to be affordable yet durable.

Vintage Jordan Wall Clock

jordan wall clock VINTAGE

This product is a great item to be put on your bedroom wall. The design is simple yet shows firmness nuance for your room and framed with black plastic and clear glasses to add boldness nuance. Quartz movements feature will keep you away from being late. The diameter of it is 9.5” and it is operated by using single AA battery, making this clock easy to handle.

These products are surely different but have their own advantages, means each product is worth to buy. Which one of the Jordan wall clocks will you choose?