Indoor Umbrella Stand

An Indoor umbrella stand is a functional product and mostly needed in rainy season. It helps prevent any clutter and water puddle on the floor. If you are looking for a great one, these following items may give you ideas.

SONGMICS Indoor Umbrella Stand Rack

indoor umbrella stand SONGMICS stand rack

Stressed out from the dripping water from the umbrella? There will be no problem like this if you pick Songmics umbrella stand rack. Installed with bottom drip tray, no leakage will be found on the floor. The removable tray is also easy to clean. Its stylish design is alluring and charming. The body is built with hollowed-out body that allows the umbrella to dry. Available in three different colors: black, brown and white to match your interior color.

SONGMICS Natural Bamboo Indoor Umbrella Stand Rack

indoor umbrella stand SONGMICS stand rack

Wet umbrellas are disasters if you just pile them up in the corner. Put this Songmics natural bamboo umbrella stand rack next to or behind the door as the storage. Its brownish color with bamboo accent will not be missed by those who just arrive. The plastic protection in the bottom of the rack prevents the water dripping directly to the floor. The wood is designed as moisture resistant, so a couple of wipes are enough to clean it.

Crafted for functional and ornamental purpose, the indoor umbrella stand is the excellent choice for home or office.