Harrington Wall Clock

Have you ever considered to put a Harrington wall clock on your wall? Durable yet affordable, these are Harrington Wall Clock ideas..

Harrington Wall Clock

harrington wall clock Framed with durable black plastic and amazing clear lens that is almost invisible. Simple yet catchy design with white background and black frame; giving this product a professional look to be put in your office. Featured with modern quartz movement, this clock would never let you be late. The size is 9.5” in diameter, giving this clock an easy spot on your wall.

harrington wall clockNever let you to be late to work or school anymore, this clock will always keep you to be on time with its quartz movement. Simple, catchy, and firm; the design is surely to bring the feeling of duty and firmness. Printed on a white background and framed with black plastic frame, perfect for your office or bedroom. The size is 9.5” in diameter, keeping your wall to be spacious. The clear glass perfectly protects the clock from the dust, making it easier to be cleaned.

Harrington Coat of Arms

harrington wall clock

Assembled with care and quality, the mechanical and quarts movement inside are framed with durable black plastic and clear glass. The diameter of this product is 17” yet light to lift due to its plastic frame. Put this clock on your office wall will be perfect to show nuances of integrity and passion.

Those clocks are cool, aren’t they? So, Will you put a Harrington Wall Clock on a wall of your house?

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