An Extra long Bath Rug Runner – Is it Necessary?

Is it recommended adding an extra long bath rug runner in a bathroom? Well, it depends on size of your bathroom. If your bathroom is spacious, then it would be perfect. Besides, an extra long bath rug runner will add accent to room decor. Furthermore, it can be an addition for keeping anyone safe and comfortable. So, what kind of rug runner to be chosen? Here are some options for you.

Ottomanson Softy Collection Extra Long Bath Rug Runner

extra long bath rug runner Ottomanson Softy

With its modern palettes, this beautiful runner rug will make anyone feeling comfortable. Its color also gives an impressive accent for the rooms. Furthermore, it features durable nylon pile. Its on-slip rubber backing makes this rug really safe, and it will prevent someone to slip and fall. This 20 x 59 inches rug will be an elegant addition for kitchens or bathrooms.

Windsor Home Extra Long Bath Rug Runner Bath Mat

extra long bath rug runner Windsor Home

Stepping on it will give anyone luxurious comfort. Its design perfectly pictures it. As soon as people step on, they will feel Memory Foam works on their feet. Its comfortable features are supported with ultra-absorbent top coating. It means that this product does not only offer comfort but also safety. Available in a wide range of colors option, this 24 x 60 inches rug gives anyone many options to be considered.

Choosing one of those products to be used in your room can be quite hard as both are great. Think carefully and consider many factors, especially its color and design. An extra long bath rug runner will improve you room appeal.

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