An Extra Large Area Rug for an Artistic Living Room

Being special in size, an extra large area rug should deliver more than just colors and atmosphere. Take an advantage from the size and display an artistic touch in your interior. The following rugs are artistic and they have extra large size. Check these out.

Traditional Oriental Persian Extra Large Area Rug (Ivory Floral)

extra large area rug Traditional persian

Bring luxury into your room with this traditional style rug, making it ideal for your living room. Made of high quality polypropylene. Your living room will be decorated with an old world charm with the blue, grey, and cream shades from this chic rug.

Traditional Oriental Persian Extra Large Area Rug (Gray)

extra large area rug extra large area rug Traditional persian

A contemporary stylish rug for traditional taste of living room. Made of pure polypropylene, giving your living room luxurious and modern touch. The intense dark grey and white color combination and the exclusive pattern are handmade, making this stylish rug an elegant highlight for every decoration.

Cosy House Contemporary Area Rug

extra large area rug Cosy House

Another artistic touch from a traditional style rug for your modern living room design. Made of premium olefin to get the finest experience of carpeting. Enriched by light and dark brown color combination with beautiful patterns, it brings modern and gorgeous design to your living room.

Premium Soft Vintage Floral Extra Large Area Rug

extra large area rug Premium Soft Vintage Floral

Add a casual and modern accent to your living room with this classy and modern rug. Made of high quality wool, pure polyester, and combined with premium blue color combination, this classy rug is perfect for your classy style.

Brown Ivory Navy Floral Carpet Rug

extra large area rug Brown Ivory Navy

A luxury high density rug for modern living room decoration. Master designed with high quality polyester and wool. Enriched with rich and bold light white color combination, this beautiful rug makes your living room a classy and stylish space.

These high quality rugs look fantastic. They deliver quality and style at the same time. Choose one extra large area rug from the recommendations above, and you won’t regret it.

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