Exposed Gear Wall Clock

Have you ever thought to put an exposed gear wall clock on the wall for addition to your house interior design? If yes, then these are the best wall clock recommendations with exposed gear you need to have for your interior design.

Exposed Gear Wall Clock

exposed gear wall clock - wall mount

Designed with extra care and quality, almost everything in this product is made out from metal. The rusted design on every components; give it old, yet masculine look. This clock will be the best clock for you who seek masculine interior design. The exposed gears are placed in the middle of the clock with the numbers around it. These gears move, so it is not just decoration in the clock.

Exposed Gear Wall Mount Clock

exposed gear wall clock exposed gear wall clock - wall mount

Manufactured by experts who know what great quality means. With wood as its outer layer, designed specifically so that the vintage look will be shown first time you look at it. Inside, there are roman numbers with beige and white flower texture as its background. In the middle, there are gears that look so old, almost antique. The masculinity of this product will surely bring awe to your interior design.

These products are the most masculine and the best clocks recommended, so whichever you choose they would add great addition to the interior design in your house. What are you waiting for? Purchase and enjoy the authentic & antique design of an exposed gear wall clock, then feel the difference!

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