Eggplant Bath Rug – for Vibrant & Unique Bathroom Environment

An Eggplant bath rug is a new alternative for more modern and unique bathroom decoration. Here are some ideas that need your attention.

Better Homes Eggplant Bath Rug Set

eggplant bath rug Better Homes

Give functional and luxurious decoration to your bathroom with this bath rug. Crafted with 100 percent nylon material, it delivers comfortable touch to your feet and high durability for long use. Its dark purple color gives different taste to bathroom environment.

DII 100% Cotton Eggplant Bath Rug

eggplant bath rug DII 100% Cotton

Bring a spa sensation to your bathroom with a luxury spa bath rug. Made of 100 percent cotton to spoil your feet with softness and give quick water absorption. Its eggplant purple color makes this rug easy to spot. Suitable to accompany sink, shower, or bath tub.

Crowning Touch Eggplant Bath Rug

eggplant bath rug Crowning Touch

Add a luxurious and uniquely cushioned bathroom decoration with this plush 17” x 24” bath rug. Shaded with dark purple color, this rug is completely suitable with any bathroom style. It is designed with a combination of 60 percent nylon and 40 percent polyester to offer a high quality rug with high durability and softness.

J & M Home Fashions

eggplant bath rug J & M Home Fashions purple

Designed with plush microfiber polyester, this solid bright purple bath rug is perfect for any bathroom style. Give your feet a comfort with this ultra soft fibers rug. It comes with two choices, 20” x 33” rug and 24” x 40” rug.

100% Combed Cotton Bath Mat Set

eggplant bath rug Superior 100%

Make a statement with this affordable but luxurious bath rug. Designed with stripped dark purple color, this rug gives a classic style to your bathroom decoration. Made of 100 percent cotton and available in 2 sets with 22” x 35” dimension each.

Bring a luxury and unique look to your bathroom with an eggplant bath rug. Hopefully, the lists could be a consideration for you before buying.

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