Curtain Rods for Corner Windows

The idea of using curtain rods for corner windows is quite a challenging project for the home owner. The desirable design may not fit to the actual shape. With simple tips and guide, this problem could be solved.

Curtain Rods for Corner Windows

Curtain Rods for Corner Windows


Calculate the length from the outer window to the corner. This will be the total curtain width you need. Then measure the bracket space above the window. Add two inches to this measurement and put a mark on the wall.


Go to the store to buy non expanding curtain rod using the window width. Also purchase 10 inches plastic tubing and finial, both should fit perfectly to the curtain rod. If your window size is 30 inches or less, take two brackets for each window. If the size is bigger than 30 inches, then take three.


Start with the bracket for each window. Install it on the outside edge, following the mark you made previously. Cut the curtain rods to the window size, and place a tape on each end. Put the curtain rods together by inserting the tubing. Insert the ring and secure it with finials.

A challenging project is not a big problem for those who know the tricks. No more corner windows problem as long as you got the tips on how to mount curtain rods for corner windows.

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