Bamboo Bath Rug – Make Your Bathroom More Comfortable

A Bamboo bath rug can provide the soothing experience of a spa to your bathroom. Make your bathroom more comfortable with this rug. Absorbency and softness all in rug. Reversing, luxuriously alternating, sheared and looped fibers offer supreme plushness on either side. Made for durability and lasting beauty.

Bamboo Bath Rug

bamboo bath rug

Available in many solid colors such as white, rain, sandstone, coffee, and ecru for great versatility. This rug features 200 GSM fabric, composed of 60% cotton with 40 % rayon from bamboo. Classic border design, sheared and looped terry.

bamboo bath rug bamboo bath rug

What do you think? Make your bathroom more functional and comfortable with one of these rugs. Besides, this bamboo bath rug will reduce the risk of accidental spilling and slipping on your floor.

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