9×7 Area Rug for Spacious Room

9×7 Area Rug – Adding the right area rug in your bedroom can change the entire interior look. If you need some recommendations, the following rugs should be on your list. Check this out.

Garland Rug Sparta Tan 9×7 area rug

9x7 area rug Garland Rug Sparta

Get a very calm atmosphere with this tan rug by Garland Rug. Completely made of polypropylene, it has wonderful tan color that combines perfectly with a trellis design. Despite its rectangular shape, it has a deep impression which makes your bedroom very calm.

Garland Rug Sparta Indigo 9×7 area rug

9x7 area rug Garland Rug Sparta

Another marvelous touch by Garland Rug. Made of polypropylene in indigo color, this rug has wonderful trellis design that combines neatly into its trellis pattern. Your bedroom will be a very comfortable place with this rug and you can enjoy your bedtime every day.

Rugshop Modern Trellis Pattern

9x7 area rug Rugshop Modern Trellis Pattern

Elegant design for elegant bedroom. This rug is totally a masterpiece by Rugshop. It is made of polypropylene and it has modern trellis pattern with perfect combination in mid-blue color. Definitely, your bedroom will look very fancy and elegant.

Diagona Designs Contemporary Stripes Design

9x7 area rug Diagona Designs

Suit yourself with a contemporary accent with this rug by Diagona Designs. Totally made of synthetic, it has an awesome stripe pattern supported by multicolor touch. Surely, this rug will strengthen further the contemporary touch of your bedroom.

Garland Rug Flowers 9×7 Area Rug

9x7 area rug Garland Rug Flowers

This pink rug will make a delicate touch to adore. Manufactured by Garland Rug and made of polypropylene completely, it has wonderful shade that suits perfectly with a more feminine decoration. Your bedroom, as a result, will have a very fun and chic atmosphere.

Those rugs should make great options. Choose an area rug that fits best on your interior and that expresses you best.

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