30 x 60 Bath Rug – Great for Spacious Bathroom

A 30 x 60 bath rug is truly needed by anyone who has quite big area of bathroom. Applying it on a bathroom will give a better look, comfort, and safety inside. Still have no clue of choosing the right rug? Here is few recommendations worth to be considered:

Windsor Home 100-percent Cotton Bath Runner

30 x 60 bath rug Windsor Home

Stepping out from bathtubs into a luxurious place is now possible. This splendid long bath rug offers its luxurious and comfortable design for anyone. Its plush 100 percent cotton construction makes it ultra-soft. Although it has no rubber backing layer, it still safe to use in bathrooms. Its features made anyone’s feet can step easily without slipping. This product is available in white, taupe, chocolate, lavender, blue, ivory, seafoam, silver, brick, burgundy, green and navy.

Lavish Home Long 30 x 60 Bath Rug – White

30 x 60 bath rug Lavish Home

Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, this rug will be a good choice to be added on any bathrooms. It is really absorbent, thanks to its materials. Comes with many color options, it might be hard for people to choose but it is designed to be well fitted in any bathroom. It can be flipped if one end is too dirty. It means longer usability is guaranteed by this product.

Applying a 30 X 60 bath rug to your bathroom will give comfort and safety, so, choose considerably!

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