baby sweet pea: 26 weeks

26 weeks pregnant bump

a final hurrah for this non-maternity tshirt

Sweet Pea is now topping out at nearly two pounds of baby love! I’ve decided to honor the occasion by gaining two pounds myself this week. Maybe this is why a male coworker innocently said to me “Looks like it’s almost time!” when I left a work meeting last Thursday. I like to think he was referring to my third trimester here, which does in fact start tomorrow! What a smart guy.

Other new developments for Sweet Pea include improved hearing, plus all five senses are now fully developed! I also read that depending on what I eat, the amniotic fluid that Sweet Pea tastes will change as well, although he won’t enjoy the new taste sensation until about two hours after I do. (source)

Movement is now getting much more dramatic when viewed from the outside. What used to look like a small jumping movement after a kick or punch now looks a lot crazier. I think I have a few more weeks before the stomach really starts rolling, but it’s getting there.

We’re also nearing the end of our Bradley classes. Two hours is a long time to sit through – on the floor! –  every Monday night, but I know I’ll be wishing I could attend a few more sessions when July hits.

Kevin and I created a birth plan as part of a Bradley assignment last week, and I’ll be sharing it with my midwife at my next appointment. Although I’m having a hospital birth, I’m hoping she will okay almost all of our wishes on the plan.

I really love the idea of a birth plan simply because the process of creating one forces you to become more informed about what to expect during a hospital birth. From the medications and monitoring that occur during labor, to the newborn care received after birth, I now have a good idea of what to expect and what I’m personally okay and not okay with doing.

That said, while the birth plan reflects our ideal birth scenario, I do know that every birth is different and anything can happen.  Ultimately, we just want a healthy baby.

The husbands and birth coaches in our class also received a special assignment to create their own birth story. Kevin wrote a fictional story describing the day I go into labor, ending with Sweet Pea’s birth.

I absolutely love that they had to do this, although there were some grumblings from the men about it. It’s a great way for the coach to review the stages of labor. Plus, you can’t beat hearing about birth from the male perspective. – even if some of the slightly less educated ones still think a 26-week bump is headed for the delivery room any day now.

Not yet, buddy. Not yet.

Total Weight Gain:  Up two more – now at 17.5 pounds.
Hormones: Me and my mascara are not friends with Josh Groban and any of his music at the moment. All I’m saying is that stuff should come with a warning before they play it on the radio.
Favorite Foods: Baked goods. I made two loaves of strawberry bread last week, one of which I ate all by myself in less than 48 hours. I also made delicious apple muffins last night thanks to this recipe from Peas and Thank You – appropriately posted just when I was having serious cravings for apple pie. I used whole wheat flour instead of the flours she listed and it still turned out great.
Symptoms: I read that Braxton-Hicks contractions can start to appear at any time now, as well as baby hiccups. I still haven’t felt either! It’s also getting much harder to get in and out of bed. The groaning has started. Some of it may occur in hopes of getting back rubs before bed. Or maybe I’m really and truly struggling to move. One will never know. But one should definitely still give me nightly massages when asked. That said, I’m off to bed!

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2 Responses to baby sweet pea: 26 weeks

  1. chrissyhf says:

    Hey Sara! I just sent you an email, but if you’re like me…the blog email address gets checked infrequently. We used to hang out at the pool together at Phillips Place! I saw your picture today on Katheats and couldn’t place you. You look so cute pregnant! Can’t wait to read more! Congrats! We had a baby girl in September. So fun!

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