a look back

I’m currently in the mountain town of Asheville, NC, spending Labor Day weekend with my husband of exactly one year. Here’s a look back at our wedding day on September 4, 2010.

One year ago, I married my best friend.


My mom helped me into a beautiful ivory dress.

He (briefly) lost the marriage certificate.

My best girls stood by my side.

His best guys stood by his.

We married at Sacred Heart Church in Bellevue, Kentucky on a perfect late-summer afternoon.

I held on tight to my dad’s hand.

And we still tease him about the face he made as he walked down the aisle.

Vows were exchanged in the same spot my parents, aunt & uncle, and grandparents stood years ago.

He kissed the bride.

We partied with our best friends and family.

And he made me feel like a princess.

We continued the tradition of the German Wedding Cup. It’s believed that however many drops you spill will determine how many babies you’ll have; or, if you spill no drops, you’ll have a happy marriage. I didn’t spill a thing.

After much debate on whether dance lessons were needed, we winged it to Michael Buble’s Save the Last Dance for Me.

It was award-winning.

The band was fanatastic, too.

We spent the next day with family, and flew to the Atlanta airport that night. We met Kofi Annan at the airport and he gave us marriage advice. His words: “Make sure she’s your best friend.” I’ll let you guess which one of us recognized him.

kofi annan

Monday morning we arrived in the beautiful rainforest of Costa Rica.

costa rica

costa rica beach

Can we do it all again next year?

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4 Responses to a look back

  1. Michelle says:

    Aw :) Love this!

  2. Elaine Carr says:

    I love it!!!!! Congratulations you two!!!!

  3. Such a beautiful bride! Happy anniversary! :)

    • Sara and Kevin,

      I count your wedding day as one of the best days of my life. My wedding day and the day my children were born, are the top six! Dad and I love you both so much and wish you the best of everything in your lives. Many, many more happy years together!!

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