to be a yogi

Last November, I joined the Y and officially started my yoga practice. I marked the occasion with a YMCA membership card hanging from my keys and a new pair of yoga pants. Yoga studios can be pricey and the Y was a cheap and cheerful way to dive into my practice. Literally. A few misguided crow poses sent me straight to the ground, head first, a time or two, or eleven. Nobody’s counting – and that’s what I love about yoga. You can have an awful practice, lose your balance and spend half your time in downward dog, and nobody judges you.

crow pose

crow pose, or bakasana

Knowing that no one else cared how long or how far I could hold a pose was great, but I wanted to prove a few things to myself too. After just a few weeks at the Y, I could fully touch my toes instead of those pesky ankles. Two months later, and I was holding plank and slowly descending into chaturanga, rather than slamming into the floor like gravity’s best friend.

While I’ve been with the Y for 10 months now, it’s time to move on. It’s been a great way to build a solid foundation, but as my practice deepens, only studios offer the advanced classes I’d like to try.

Lucky for me, Charlotte is full of amazing yoga studios. Most studios offer new student discounts, and some even give the first class free. If you’re thinking about doing yoga, definitely take advantage of the discount and flirt with a few studios. Not all studios offer the same classes, and while some people may prefer the athleticism required to do power yoga, others may like the calm and slow moves of hatha.

The Y offered a few power classes, but most weren’t as challenging as the power yoga I could find at a studio. Plus, when you add a 95-degree studio to the mix, power yoga goes to an entirely new level.

I purchased a new student pass from Charlotta Yoga a few weeks ago and I’ve loved their hot classes so far. So much so, that it’s tempting to just buy a pricier package when this one runs out instead of trying a new studio.

But before I make any decisions, I need to officially say goodbye to the Y. Katie mentioned in her blog that today marks the beginning of National Yoga Month. In the spirit of the month, I think it also marks the perfect time for me to deepen my practice and start exploring more advanced classes.

Maybe in a few months I’ll even be able to do one of these?


But then again, if I can’t, nobody’s judging me, right? Namaste to that.

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4 Responses to to be a yogi

  1. marianwrites says:

    Hooray for yoga! Love this post. I completely agree – one of the things I love most about yoga is that there is no need for competition (you’re never going to get a Black Belt) and there’s always more to learn. I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the classes you’re taking! Let me know if you want to meet up for a class at Y2!

    • sarasuzanne says:

      thanks, marian! i think i’ll be getting my Y2 pass in october. i mostly go on the weekends, and i’m out of town most weekends in sept. i’ll definitely let you know when i get it though!

  2. Jen says:

    sara – it makes me so happy to read that you are enjoying yoga. the price tag can be a bit hard to swallow at first but once you fall in love with a studio and with your practice it’s hard to turn back.

    can’t wait to see you at y2 again! happy yoga month! :)

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