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With no immediate family here in Charlotte, Kevin and I have made our own Easter traditions.

In the past, we’ve headed to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous orchid conservatory and its outdoor wonders. This year, we celebrated  by spending some quality time in our very own garden. While not quite as majestic as Daniel Stowe, seeing the greens we’ve planted burst through the soil we’ve laid makes it just as beautiful in our eyes.

So, what’s different from last week’s garden? We’ve now added red pepper, green pepper, poblano pepper, jalapeno pepper, strawberries, green beans and zucchini. There’s also cucumbers growing in a separate pot.

Last year, we placed cucumber, cantaloupe and tomatoes all along the same trellis. This, of course, resulted in an epic battle for climbing space and a catastrophic overgrowth of vines from all opponents. After a few lessons learned, we’re devoting this summer’s trellis to tomatoes only.

viva catalinaWe’ve also planted the green beans a bit differently this season. We planted shoots last year, but couldn’t find them anywhere this spring. After hearing that it’s fairly easy to just plant the seeds directly into the garden, we’ve decided to do just that. The green beans worked out so well last season, and I’m hoping we’ll see similar results with seeds.

The lettuces and herbs planted just a few weeks ago also have flourished thanks to a few thousands of rainy Carolina days.

Our Easter dinner featured many garden treasures, including lettuce and a variety of herbs. I made Angela’s Mushroom Risotto with Caramelized Onions (Kevin had his with lamb) and a wonderful salad with lettuce that came straight from the garden.

Naturally, no Easter dinner is complete without dessert. These vegan peanut butter cups from Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Life did not disappoint.

Even without the fun of family, Kevin and I had a wonderful and relaxing Easter weekend. Here’s hoping yours was filled with just as much love, sunshine and yummy foods.

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2 Responses to an easter weekend

  1. Elaine Carr says:

    Great job Sara I love reading this blog!!!!

  2. This post–like most of your others–is making me drool over all those delicious greens! Sounds like a lovely Easter, my dear.

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