the battle against kale

green juice

green goodness

After I posted about my green smoothie dilemma, suggestions came pouring in. From using baby spinach, to using frozen spinach, and most importantly, to blend the greens and liquid first before adding the other goodies. Tons of great advice. How could I lose?

I gathered the necessary ingredients and prepared for victory. Kale was my green of choice. If I was going to do this right, I might as well go big. I poured in a cup of almond milk, added a cup of kale, and… nothing. Either my kale refused to succumb to its pulverized liquid destiny or the blender was broken.

I quickly dumped the kale and almond milk in a mixing bowl to inspect my blending machine. The blades looked normal to me and Kevin, my go-to fix-it guy, was in the shower. It was a weekday morning, I had to leave for work in the next 10 minutes, and time was running short. I tried once more, and still, the kale refused to shred. Frustrated and hungry, I shoved the blender and its contents into the fridge and left for work sans smoothie.

Kevin checked out the blender later that night, did who-knows-what, and magically the blender was blending again.  I was still a bit disgruntled from that morning’s failed attempt, so although the blender appeared to be functioning fine, I went with my trusty juicer for the next battle round.

At 850-watts with a 13,000 rpm motor, the kale stood no chance.

green juice

Among the deceased are 1 pear, 1 cucumber, 2 celery sticks, and a handful of romaine lettuce & kale.

Although I had yet to master the green smoothie, I did master the green juice.

Victory really is sweet.

viva catalina blended juice

To make your own green juice, check out Kris Carr’s video, Make Juice, Not War.

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